Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process ofAnsal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd. (Project Fernhill, Gurgaon)

CIRP Documents

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  1. Financial Results of Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Limited for the Q3 i.e., Quarter ended on 31st December, 2022

  2. Model timeline for CIRP

  3. Financial Results for 2nd quarter of Financial Year 2022-23

    Un-Audited Financial Results for the 02nd Quarter/Half year ended on the 30 September, 2022 of the Financial Year 2022-23 and Outcome of the Board Meeting dated the 12th November, 2022 concluded at 02:40 P.M.
  4. Annual Report 2021-22

    Annual Report 2021-22 along with the Notice of the 55th Annual General Meeting of the Company
  5. Annual Report 2020-21

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